Internet Services

Dedicated Service

We provide reliable full duplex dedicated internet service for your location from Fiber Optic services.

Service Specifications

  1. High Quality of Service (providing full-duplex dedicated service).
  2. Three Backup lines of service through fiber optic cable ensuring full time internet service without disconnections.
  3. BGP Connection and unique AS number.
  4. 24 Hours Support Center (Phone Calls, Ticketing Tracking System, Onsite support).
  5. NOC department, monitoring the service and all network nods and objects including remote sides 24 Hours/day.
  6. Service is provided through dedicated Public IPs.
  7. Automatic switch over between backup services from our side and remote side.
  8. High level of security provided in our network through the firewall systems and other security software.

Technical Support

  • Phone call support: ASAS support department is available 24/7 to answering and collect all customers problems and inquiries.
  • Email Support: the support department is available on email 24/7 to fix any problem that customer have (
  • Ticket System: ASAS ticket system is ready to carry all customer problems and cases and allow to customer to monitor and trace the problem situation.
  • Onsite Visit support: ASAS support team is ready to support the customer at any time and fix any problem which customer may have.           

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A Service Outage shall mean an incident when the Service is Unavailable for at least sixty (60) continuous minutes in duration due to a failure on the underlying ASAS network.

A customer who experiences network outage more than 60 minutes may receive Service Credits as follows:

  • 1 Hour (continuous) = 2 Hours compensation
  • 8 Hours (continuous) = 1 Day compensation

Service Credit will be calculated monthly as an aggregate of all Service Unavailability events.